Thursday, 17 October 2013

Oliver's gunny bag garden

During the school holiday's Oliver and Millie helped Mario create a 'gunny bag garden'.

Mario found a bag which he could fill with compost and potting mix.
He then found a piece of tube about the diameter of a down-pipe from the roof.  The tube needs to be taller than the gunny bag, as it will poke out of the top and this is where the water is poured.

The tube needs to be filled with small rocks and also needs holes for the water to get out.
Oliver and Millie went to the beach to collect the pebbles for the gunny bag.

Mario cut upside down Vs in the bag to make holes for the plants.

Then, we went to the garden centre to choose the plants.  Oliver and Millie both chose strawberries, but we also planted some basil, parsley and tomatoes.

The tube in the centre was filled with water, and now the plants are growing.  We are still waiting for the strawberry plants to produce some strawberries.  They have just started to flower.

You can also find instructions to construct a gunny bag garden by clicking HERE